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17th Mariners Bethel Trail Run 5k & 7m & 1m & 3m Walks

Thanks so much for your support today at the Mariner Bethel Trail Run.    Special thanks to the volunteers & sponsors.

Click on the LINK for the results of the event.

A few Reminders from the Race Director so that SS events can keep going smooth...

...- Please do not wear your bib in the is important that my finishline team is able to see your bib coming at them to have accurate backup data.

...- Please compete and complete the event you registered for.   For example, if you signed up for the 3 mile walk, please remain in the 3 mile walk.   Today we had 14 athletes switch from the 1 and 3 mile walks to the 5k run and go through the 5k finish mistakenly.   We also had 3 athletes complete the 7 mile run when they registered for the 5k Run.

...- Please complete the whole course and follow the signs on the course.   Today's events was very well marked with signs at each turn and volunteers throughout the course.   For example, if you are running the 7 miler and you come upon a right hand turn sign- that means you turn RIGHT.   If you come upon a left hand turn sign- that means you turn LEFT.  It does not mean you skip the turn and shorten your course.   Integrity and honesty are very important in the sport of roadracing...thanks so much.

...- Please enter your data into the computers when you register on race we had 8 athletes bypass the computers which means the SS has no data on you.   Many of you do not give us data because of "I'm not worried about an award - I just want to support a good cause"...We thank you for this thought, however as the Race Director I am more concerned with the safety and the insurance aspect of the issue.   If you need medical help on the course and I am asked for your name, age, or emergency contact- I would have no information to give the paramedics.   Thank you for following all of our registration procedures.

...- We had too many dogs on the trails today so we ask that in the future of this event if you plan to bring your dog please register for the 1 mile or 3 mile walk events so that you are on a wide road and not a narrow trail on the run course with your four-legged friend.  Thank You.

Once again the Seashore Striders thank you for taking part in our event and we thank you for your support!

Race Director Tim- SS

Sunday, October 21, 2018