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Upcoming Races

Race Date Time Distance
42ND SEASHORE 5 MILER. (SSRS #8)...REHOBOTH BEACH, DE July 14th 07:30am 5.0 miles
41ST DAM MILL 5K. (SSRS #9)...Millsboro, DE July 28th 07:30am 3.11 miles
16TH RACE FOR THE PAWS 5K. (SSRS #10)...Dewey Beach, DE August 3rd 07:30am 3.11 miles
4TH MAGGIE'S MILE...Lewes, DE August 9th 07:00pm 1.0
10TH REHOBOTH BEACH FIREFIGHTIN' 5K...Rehoboth Beach, DE August 18th 08:00am 3.11m
2ND BOARDWALK MILE SWIM...Rehoboth Beach, DE August 25th 08:00am 1
34TH LAST BLAST PREDICTION 5K...Rehoboth Beach, DE August 31st 07:30am 3.1 miles
11TH RUN, WHITE & BLUE 5K RUN & 1M WALK...Georgetown, DE September 5th 06:00pm 3.11 m
20TH CANNONBALL 5K RACE & Trenny Elliott Memorial Walk...Lewes, DE September 8th 08:30am 3.11m
INAUGURAL HARVEST HUSTLE 5K...Lewes, DE September 21st 09:00am 3.11
9TH PARADISE GRILL "STOP-DROP & RUN" 5K...Longneck, DE September 22nd 10:00am 3.1 miles
3RD WALK WITH ME & 5K RUN SALISBURY...Salisbury, MD September 28th 08:30am 3.11m
17TH DOGFISH DASH 3.8M RUN...Milton, DE September 29th 09:00am 3.82m
8TH ASHLEY FURIO 5K & CROOKED CRAWL...Lewes, DE October 12th 09:00am 3.11m
4TH DARBY DASH 5K...Lewes, DE October 13th 09:00am 3.11
4TH ANNUAL LACE UP FOR AG LITERACY 5K RUN/WALK...Lewes, DE October 19th 09:00am 3.11
21ST ANNUAL MARINERS BETHEL TRAIL RUN October 20th 01:00pm 3.1m & 6.2m
12TH WALK WITH ME & 5K RUN DELMARVA...Long Neck, DE October 20th 03:30pm 3.11m
4TH SEAWITCH FALL HALF-MARATHON ...Lewes, DE October 26th 08:00am 13.11 miles & 3.11 miles
34TH SEAWITCH FALL 5K CLASSIC...Rehoboth Beach, DE October 27th 09:00am 3.11
7TH MISPILLON ART LEAGUE RUN FOR THE ARTS 5K...Milford, DE November 2nd 09:00am 5k
HENLOPEN CONFERENCE CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS...Felton, DE November 2nd 02:00pm 5000 meters; 3.1 miles
2ND NICOLA PIZZA 5K RUN/WALK...Lewes, DE November 9th 08:00am 3.11m
2ND HORSESHOE CRAB HUSTLE 5 MILE RUN & 1 MILE WALK...Ocean View, DE November 10th 09:00am 3.11m
6TH TUNNEL 2 TOWERS 3.43M RUN/WALK...Lewes, DE November 16th 09:00am 3.43m
15TH HUFFIN' FOR PUMPKIN' PIE 5K RUN & 1M WALK...Rehoboth Beach, DE November 30th 09:00am 3.11m
21ST SEA COLONY TURKEY TROT 5K RUN/WALK...Bethany, DE December 1st 09:00am 3.11 m
17TH SEASHORE MARATHON & HALF-MARATHON...Rehoboth Beach, DE December 7th 07:00am 26.2 miles & 13.1 miles
19TH RUN WITH SANTA 5K...Lewes, DE December 15th 10:00am 3.11 m
2ND ANNUAL REDEMPTION CITY"UGLY SWEATER" 5K...Lewes, DE December 21st 09:00am 3.11 miles
20TH RACE INTO THE NEW YEAR 5K & KIDS DASH...Rehoboth Beach, DE December 31st 12:00pm 3.11 m