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14th Seashore Classic Half-Marathon, 5k & Relay

Thank You all for coming out to the 14th Seashore Classic Half-Marathon, 5k & Relay...Thank You to Irish Eyes for being the host.   It was a record turnout on a beautiful day in Lewes.   Special thanks to the Friends of Cape Henlopen State Park who handled the water stops in the lead bike and duties.  I thank my Seashore Strider Team for stepping up and handling the results & award ceremony when I had to tend to the issue we had with a runner who went down.   The Seashore Strider family is praying that Runner # 471 of Lewes pulls through and is ok.   Special thanks to the Lewes Police Dept, my SS volunteers, Sussex County EMT, and the neighbors and other runners who came to help from the area.   Thank You all!

Race Director Tim- SS



1. #415- 1:24:00.00

2. #414- 1:51:15.54


1. #419- 1:47:54.11

2. #416- 1:58:36.76

3. #417- 1:58:39.64

4. #418- 2:44:21.44


1. #413- 1:37:57.65

2. #412- 1:57:19.36

3. #411- 1:57:28.80


Names to come...


Saturday, May 6, 2023