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Inaugural Indoor Track Delaware 5k Virtual Run/Walk (Aug. 20-Oct. 31)

Saturday, October 31, 2020 (All day)

Join Indoor Track Delaware & the Seashore Striders for the Inaugural 5k Run & Walk as we hit the pavement, the trails, the dirt, the grass to help do our part and raise funds to build an indoor track & field facility in the State of Delaware.

Indoor Track Delaware is a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness for the need of an indoor track in the diamond state. Comprised of coaches, parents and concerned citizens, Indoor Track Delaware believes such a venue will address the unmet demand of high school track athletes and local college teams; attract sports tourism dollars from the Mid-Atlantic region; and provide the flexibility to promote community health and well being for Delawareans of all ages.

Currently, to compete in the regular season, boys and girls from upstate and downstate are driven to venues in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and New York. Hundreds of Delaware indoor track athletes spend their winter weekends rising well before dawn, spending hours on buses riding up and down the east coast. For meets midweek, athletes miss class time as they are pulled out of school early. After conducting research and meeting with stakeholders regarding how a 200 meter, hydraulic banked, six lane indoor track can impact Delaware, our next step is to raise money for a feasibility/market demand study that will provide a sports tourism inventory and market assessment report; along with a market demand analysis that provides economic impact projections.

Learn more about Indoor Track DE by clicking here...    INDOOR TRACK DELAWARE



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Race Director: 

Tim Bamforth; Seashore Striders