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5th Ashley Furio 5K Run

Saturday, October 10, 2020 - 8:00am



NOT A RUNNER BUT WANT TO BE INVOLVED... Make a donation to the cause by clicking here

Children's Beach House

The Margaret H. Rollins Child Development Center’s mission is to serve early childhood learners with specialized needs. Our goal is to nurture typically-developing preschoolers and those with speech and language delays, hearing impairments, and mild orthopedic challenges by utilizing a “team approach to mastery” (TAM) inclusion classroom setting. We help young learners unlock and explore all areas of development while creating a secure, welcoming environment. Students will feel safe to take risks, explore and discover, and function peacefully as members of a diverse community of learners. Additionally, our early childhood special education allows CBH to expand current programming by identifying and serving children at younger ages regardless of circumstances.

Please support our organization with your tax-deductible donation, so that we may continue our mission to the serve children


Course will be loaded as soon as approval is finalized.

To register for this event, please click on the GREEN box below which will take you to the Event Registration Page.


Virtual Finish line produced by “Seashore Strider Event Production, Inc.,” Long Sleeve gender specific T-Shirt for all registrants, Virtual Post-Race awards ceremony at 7p.m. on Monday October 12th.


Awards will be presented to the Overall Male & Female Champions, Overall Male & Female Masters (40+ yrs.), as well as the top three (3) Male & Female finishers in the following age categories: 9 & under, 10-13, 14-19, 20-24, then 5-year age groups through 80+.   There will be a Virtual Awards Ceremony on Oct. 12th @ 7 pm. on Zoom.  All Participants will receive a link to the Awards Ceremony at 3pm on the 12th.   If you are out of town, your award will be shipped to you.   If you are local I will be placing your award in your mailbox or of course you can pick up from me.


You will use a timing device on your watch (garmin) or iPhone (race tracker) or whatever you are comfortable with and to be verified it must be the complete 5k distance. Race Director will verify 3.11 miles, however I will NOT verify 2.97 miles.  At the completion of your Virtual Run, please take a selfie with a close-up of your device showing your distance & time.   Results will be sent to for official verification and I then will upload to Runsignup/athlinks/CT.   "Moving Time" will not count- Please send "Elapsed Time".  Results are due to Race Director Tim by 12 midnight on Oct. 11th. 

Race Director: 

Race Director Tim Bamforth

Seashore Striders